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CUCredit Union
CUConsumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports)
CUCopper (Cuprum)
CUSee You (chat)
CUUniversity of Colorado
CUColumbia University
CUCambridge University
CUClose Up
CUCameron University
CUCode de l'Urbanisme (French: Urban Planning Code)
CUCity University (main campus in Washington State)
CUControl Unit
CUCoventry University (UK)
CUChristian Union
CUChinese University (Hong Kong)
CUCatholic University (Washington, DC)
CUCornell University
CUCertificat d'Urbanisme (French: Urban Planning Certificate)
CUClemson University
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CUCarleton University
CUCairo University (Egypt)
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CUCover Up
CUCreighton University
CUCumulus (cloud formation)
CUCornerstone University
CUCarrie Underwood (singer)
CUCooper Union
CUCommercial Union (insurance company)
CUColorado University
CUCampbell University
CUCovenant University (Nigeria)
CUCubic Capacity (US DoD)
CUCustoms Union (international trade relations)
CUClarkson University (Potsdam, NY)
CUCollege Union
CUCedarville University (Cedarville, OH)
CUChulalongkorn University
CUColitis Ulcerosa (bowel disease)
CUChapman University
CUClark University (Worcester, MA)
CUCondensing Unit (HVAC)
CUCentral Unit
CUColgate University
CUCultural Understanding
CUCommon User
CUCivil Union
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CUCommunications Unit
CUCalcutta University (India)
CUCommon Unit
CUComenius University (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
CUChronic Urticaria
CUChannel Unit
CUChittagong University
CUComputer Unit
CUCelebrities Uncensored
CUClaflin University (Orangeburg, SC)
CUCombat Upgrade (Star Wars Galaxies, MMO gaming)
CUCentury University
CUClient Utility
CUCalibration Unit
CUCrisp Uncirculated (paper currency grading)
CUCrude Unit
CUConfiguration Update
CUColumbia Ultimate (collections software)
CUConcord Law School (online law institution)
CUCenhedloedd Unedig (Welsh: United Nations)
CUCongressional Union (early suffragist movement)
CUCattlemen's Union
CUCorrelated Uniqueness (statistical model)
CUColumn Uniform
CUCombiner Unit
CUCustomer Utilization
CUCryptic Union (gaming)
CUClose Utilization (forestry)
CUCountermeasures Unit (for weapons of mass destruction; FBI)
CUCubana de Aviacion, SA Cuba (IATA airline code)
CUCoefficient of Utilisation
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0 (Arbuckle, 2006; Byrne, 2010) with the current study sample revealed that a two-factor first-order, correlated uniqueness model of the 9-item scale fit the data: SRMR = .
Recently, Sagie and Magnezy (1997) proposed the correlated uniqueness model (Kenny, 1979; Kenny & Kashy, 1992; Marsh, 1989) as an alternative for the general CFA model to represent AC ratings.
However, Sagie and Magnezy (1997) did not present the fit results of the traditional CFA model so that a comparison between the correlated uniqueness model and the traditional CFA model in the AC domain could not be made.
In line with these suggestions, this study sought to replicate Sagie and Magnezy's positive findings with the correlated uniqueness model in another AC and extend them by comparing this model with several traditional CFA models in terms of fit.
This result extends Sagie and Magnezy's (1997) findings, as we found the correlated uniqueness model to perform better than the general CFA models.
00 Model 5: 6 Dimensions and exercises as correlated uniqueness 58 69.
In terms of research implications, this study shows that researchers should include the correlated uniqueness model when testing models of AC construct validity.
A limitation of the correlated uniqueness model is the assumption of uncorrelated method effects because correlations are only allowed among the uniquenesses of measures of the same method.
Two of these models of particular interest in this study are the direct product (DP) model and the correlated uniqueness (CU) approach.
However, rather than representing method effects as explicit factors (as in the case with confirmatory factor analysis), the CU model specifies method effects as correlated uniqueness (i.
Correlated Uniqueness Model Results Boundary Study df [[Chi].