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COSYCorrelation Spectroscopy
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Particle size distribution of nanoemulsified methionine and cysteine nanosomes by intensity using dynamic light scattering correlation spectroscopy. The average particle size distribution of nanoemulsion of methionine in Lipoid S 75 was in the range of 475.7 d.nm, whereas, the particle size distribution of the cysteine in Lipoid S 75 in the range of 431 to 475 d.nm by intensity.
The instrument uses near-infrared time-resolve spectroscopy (TRS) and diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) to collect the tissue data, each independently a commercial-level technology already.
[22] reported similar results where a 2D MIR-NIR correlation spectroscopy was successfully used to track bread crumb aging.
Caption: FIGURE 2: [sup.1]H-[sup.13]C 2D correlation spectroscopy identifies coupling between protons and carbons in compound 2.
Relevant to our methodology, applying image correlation spectroscopy to SHG image has been described by Raub et al.
Tscharnuter, "Photon correlation spectroscopy in particle sizing," in Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, R.
They then analyzed the system using an advanced spectroscopic technique called two-dimensional hyperfine sub-level correlation spectroscopy.
Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory have made the first measurements of airborne acoustic free-field pressures using a laser technique based on photon correlation spectroscopy.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) measures the absolute concentration and mobility of fluorescent species as they diffuse through a well-defined observation volume.
Among the trends reported in this year's review are complex systems required course-grained theoretical methods, biological problems in protein folding, detecting nano-domains in living systems, and fluctuation correlation spectroscopy problems.
Lillemeier is developing a combination of super-resolution microscopy based on photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM) with dual-color fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (dcFCS), to directly observe the spatial and temporal distribution of membrane-associated molecules on a nanometer scale.
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