COS7Escherichia Coli or Simian Kidney (biology)
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Knockdown of SMC2 in COS7 cells was achieved with SMC2-specific siRNAs (E-006836-00-0005, Dharmacon, GE Healthcare).
Samples include Cos7 cells cultured in normoxic conditions as a negative control and in hypoxia as a positive control.
As shown in Figure 1, the GGT activities were significantly increased in the culture mediums and the cell lysates from COS7 cells which were transiently transfected with pcDNA3.1-ggt1KOZa but not with pcDNA3.1-ggt1-KOZg.
After verifying that the recombinant plasmid could express GCase in COS7 cells [Figure 1]a, we further investigated the effect of the mutation through other group tests.
Overexpression of MARCH5 in CoS7 cells leads to the formation of elongated mitochondria, which was overcome by coexpressing a dominant negative mutant of MFN2 that lacked the transmembrane domains.
To detect interactions among the proteins, plasmids were transfected into COS7 cells (5 x [10.sup.5] cells/6 cm dish) using PEI.
Specifically, we have demonstrated tamoxifen-mediated stimulation of PI3K in GPER-transfected COS7 cells and GP[ER.sup.+] SKBr3breastcancercells (both of which do not express ER[alpha] or for that matter ER[beta])[28].
Although TOFA transactivated PPAR[alpha] in COS7 cells cultured in commercially available DMEM medium [88], it is not clear which of the available DMEM formulations (i.e., 25, 5.6, or 0mM glucose) was used.
Transfection of the full length cDNA of human BMPs has been performed in different mammalian expression systems such as CHO, BSC-1 (27), and COS7 (28) cells.
Transient transfections were performed in COS7 cells (ATCC[R] CRL-1,651[TM]) as described (Janesick et al.
According to our previous procedure, the P370L mutant MYOC gene was cloned into pDsRed2-N1 generating the pDsRed2-N1-mMYOC construct and transfected into COS7 cells.[sup][3] CHOP/GADD153 protein levels were reduced using small interfering RNA (siRNA).
Kitamoto, "Novel [alpha]- secretase cleavage of Alzheimer's amyloid [beta] precursor protein in the endoplasmic reticulum of COS7 cells," Neuroscience Letters, vol.