COSALCoordinated Shipboard Allowance List
COSALNorman Cutler Conference on South Asian Literature (biennial conference; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
COSALConsolidated SEABEE Allowance List
COSALCoordinated Onboard Shipboard Allowance List
COSALConsolidated Shipboard/Shore-Based Allowance List
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This includes stock replenishment, physical inventories, COSAL maintenance, and tracking of outstanding requisitions, receipts, and issues.
Nothing says you must get to COSAL, only that you can't descend below 6100 inbound until west of COSAL.
Knowing that a defective module at sea will adversely affect the operational capability of the ship (perhaps necessitating midnight maintenance), that the quality history of the part is poor, and that the COSAL inventory may be largely defective, the bos'n may recommend replacing all or many of the modules installed on the ship while the ship is pier-side.
New construction shipyards have continuously reported significant shortages that negatively impacted the availability of initial Emergency Authorized Medical and Authorized Dental Allowances (AMAL/ADAL), preventing them from meeting Navy's supply readiness objective of 97 percent Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List (COSAL) supplies being onboard and the safe to sail inspection of materials that focuses on the AMAL/ADAL inventory prior to sail away.
Denture-related oral mu- cosal lesions in a Brazilian school of dentistry.
Specifically, the team was faced with insufficient funding to procure the entire Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List (COSAL) for two of the fleet's latest innovative warfighting vessels, the Amphibious Transport Dock, USS Somerset (LPD 25), and the Littoral Combat Ship, USS Coronado (LCS 4).
Other systems to be featured include a Control System for Airfield Lighting (COSAL) developed according to relevant international regulations and a Supply Circuit Remote Operator and Load Locator (SCROLL) selective switching and lamp failure detection.
Logistics Specialists are responsible for managing command inventories that range from standard repair parts to EOD-specific equipment, all of which are part of a command Coordinated Shipboard Allowance Listing (COSAL) or Table of Allowance (TOA).