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CQDClose Quarters-Defense
CQDCenter for Quantum Devices
CQDControlled Quantum Dynamics (physics)
CQDCiudades Que Danzan (Spanish: Dancing Cities)
CQDCustomary Quick Dispatch (logistics)
CQDCalling All Distress (distress signal)
CQDSeek You, Distress
CQDCode Question of the Day
CQDCidades Que Dancam (Portugese: Cities That Dance)
CQDCome - Quick - Danger/Distress (distress call used prior to SOS)
CQDComquest Designs, Inc
CQDComo Queria Demonstrar (Portuguese: QED)
CQDConseil Quebecois de la Domotique (French; Canada)
CQDCustom Quality Designs
CQDCost, Quality, Delivery (supplier performance)
CQDComputational Quantum Dynamics
CQDContractor Qualification Record Form
CQDCargills Quality Dairies Limited (Sri Lanka)
CQDConstant-Q Spectrometer
CQDCase Quantity Discount
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Optimizing the management of the use of external IT service providers is an important lever for improving computer performance in terms of cost, quality, delivery and risk control.
Cost, Quality, Delivery with IMAP you get all three
We look at cost, quality, delivery launch and future cost savings initiatives from material cost improvement process or value added/value engineering workshops," he said.
MMMA ranks its suppliers and reports to each how it has performed on cost, quality, delivery and customer service.
Both groups were asked to rank the importance the company placed on cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility.
Waste isn't just scrap, it's overproduction or inventory, and it affects cost, quality, delivery and even associate morale.
To cater to our future business expansion and long-term operation, we moved to new facilities last June, increasing our space by four times, We believe we can provide our customers with better C-Q-T-S -- cost, quality, delivery and service -- than ever before.
Some examples include cost, quality, delivery, and performance.
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