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If the client needs the income guarantee and that guarantee accounts for the cost differential, recommending the more expensive annuity is appropriate.
On the downside, the narrowing of the cost differential between ethane - Thailand's main feedstock - and naphtha will undermine the competitive advantage of Thai petrochemicals.
The cost differential to cheaper markets, which contributed to a number of manufacturers moving 'off-shore', has now narrowed--with the US regaining a competitive edge.
"There is a need for consensus around management strategies for patients with high cholesterol, given that the cost differential between proven older therapies and this new class of drugs is substantial.
Speaking on the occasion, Group Leader APTMA Gohar Ejaz said the Punjabbased textile mills were bearing a loss of Rs85 billion on account of interprovince energy cost differential.
While in the past substantially lower costs led pharma to outsource manufacturing activities to companies located in Asia, the gradual narrowing of the cost differential between East and West over the last few years, owing to high wage inflation coupled with safety and quality concerns, has led to a reversal of this trend.
Economic analysis taking into account all relevant factors (capex, opex, operational constraints, loss of cargo space etc.) show LNG to be a very attractive solution when compared to other compliance solutions, although the breakeven time will depend on several parameters such as the age of the vessel, the cost differential between LNG and traditional fuels, and the time spent in Emissions Control Areas (geographic areas with stricter emission standards under the MARPOL treaty).
If ever, the solution is for national government to subsidize the cost differential such that the consumers shall not be substantially "damaged", then PCCI is in full support of whatever is decided on provided it does not promote complacency in seriously addressing and ascertaining the way forward beyond 2016.
Most developing-country diplomats take domestic staff with them on overseas assignments, paying them a good salary by their national standards, plus a cost differential for working aboard," he wrote in an opinion piece on Prague-based site - Project-Syndicate.
I hope that eventually the cost differential won't be as prohibitive as it probably is today for some patients.