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Nothing is proven, but, at the four major QHP issuers, actuary estimates of the average cost differential for regulars and SEP enrollees range from 0 to about 50 percent higher.
Contained in the document is a price comparison that demonstrates a cost differential between the two topologies of over $2million, based upon set up and three years of operation of an exemplar 39-cabinet data centre.
orthopedic surgeons or hospital administrators would examine the cost differential behind these two types of RCR.
If you look at the cost differential versus Mexico, which is very close but the China/Mexico cost differential is much lower.
Possibilities for repatriation of manufacturing to the UK and Europe may be more limited, in part because the wage cost differential (adjusted for productivity) between Europe and China may not be close enough to create a 'tipping point' in some sectors as in the U.
Cost differential between tracker rates and fixed rates is not as wide now and a longer term fixed rate could save you a great deal in interest if rates go up.
The cost differential is considerable because we've got such shortages of good stock," he said.
So, when you also include other extra costs such as extra packaging, manufacturing profit, additional shipping costs and, most significantly, the difference in duty rates between fabrics and finished goods, the cost differential between Chinese and UK cushion manufacturing reduces considerably.
Plus, as logistical costs increase, the cost differential of doing business outside borders is lessening.
The second is the large cost differential between legacy airlines and the low-cost carriers (LCC), which has persisted even as their price differentials have greatly declined.
Business case analyses conducted by the Defense Department on maintenance and support work appeared to confirm the assertion of a cost differential in favor of the public work force.