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CORACentral Ohio Reef Aquarists
CORAComputerized Registration and Approval
CORAConfiguration and Resource Allocation
CORAComputer Orientated Reproducer Assembly
CORACincinnati Off-Road Alliance (Cincinnati, OH)
CORACommunity Overcoming Relationship Abuse (San Mateo, California)
CORACommon Raven
CORACongress of Residential Architecture
CORACommission on Religion in Appalachia
CORACertificate of Risk Acceptance (safety)
CORACalifornia Outdoor Rollerskating Association
CORACorporate and Regulatory Affairs
CORACoordinating Responsible Authority
CORAConflict Resolution Assistant
CORACorporación de la Reforma Agraria (Spanish: Corporation of the Agrarian Reformation, Chile)
CORACost Of Remedial Action
CORAComputer - Oral Response Activated
CORACost of Risk Allocation
CORACorrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity Act (Connecticut)
CORACanadian Ocean Resource Associates, Inc.
CORACourt of Restitution Appeals (Nuremberg, Germany)
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The first states that an operator is not liable for some or all of the cost of remedial actions if it can show that it was not at fault and that the environmental damage was caused by an emission that was "expressly authorised" by a permit issued under domestic law.