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[Reminder: In cost variance calculations, the mathematical sign in the answer is: dropped and is replaced with either a Favorable designator (if actual is less than standard) or an Unfavorable designator (if actual is greater than standard).]
We generally find good agreement with the predictions for comparative statics with respect to the number of firms and the cost variance. As the cost variance increases, the high cost (low cost) firms increase (decrease) their indifference price between being a buyer or a seller of permits and, more importantly, their behavior increasingly deviates from the competitive equilibrium.
Cost variance analysis begins with the accounting processes of determining theoretical costs, setting cost standards, collecting actual costs, and ending with evaluating performance.
Material price variance for ingredient A Actual cost of 35,000kg: 35,000kg x $26/kg $910,000 Standard cost of 35,000kg: 35,000kg x $23/kg $805,000 Material price variance $105,000 (A) Material usage variance for ingredient A Actual output did use 35,000kg Actual output should have used: 9,000 units x 4kg 36,000kg Operational usage variance 1,000kg (F) Material usage variance: 1,000kg x $23/kg $23,000 (F) Note also that the three variances combined ($105,000 adverse--$23,000 favourable--$72,000 favourable) reconcile back to the original total material cost variance of $10,000 adverse for ingredient A.
The workshop focused on different types of costs and defined the role of controlling costs by analysing cost variance. The participants were given training in using tools for controlling costs and creating cost consciousness within an enterprise.
Project Direct Cost Variance CV) = EV-AC Work-package completion percentage x total budgeted cost (EV), less actual direct project cost (AC) for the same stage of work completion.
And an astonishing one in five stated their cost variance was 16% or more.
If this is the case, the favorable cost variance could be illusionary.
One area of the permit accounting for a cost variance of $35 million is called the Illicit Discharge Detection Protocol.
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