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Pushing credit beyond the top 15 to 20 percent of households into the base of the pyramid has proven too daunting a task for most of the regions banks, and their brick-and-mortar approach drives up the cost of customer acquisition beyond a sustainable level. owns a digital marketing and advertising platform that helps significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition, enhancing dealers' efficiency and profitability.
The company's innovative websites and integrated online tools include advertising alternatives that significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition, enhancing dealers' efficiency and profitability.
This has resulted in a lower cost of customer acquisition, less site support due to in-house maintenance by Toshiba, as well as better presentation and showcasing of the company's products.
is regarded as the leading provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services aimed at reducing the cost of customer acquisition and growing customer value.
Most direct marketers have a fairly good understanding of what is the allowable cost of customer acquisition. That may range from $5 to $500 depending on the product line and the extent to which the relationship can continue over time.
The key ingredient for companies in the region has been to find ways to drastically reduce the cost of customer acquisition. This is being accomplished through ISP relationships with major bricks-and mortar brands such as banks and retailers.
The biggest opportunity, but the most difficult to realize in a competitive market, is to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. It is here that incumbents will need to make the most radical changes in order to achieve cost reductions of 30 to 40 percent per gross add (or new subscriber).
revolutionise the way banks and customers engage, bringing down cost of customer acquisition by up to 70 per cent, and driving up business volumes and profitability per customer," said Waqfe chief executive and co-founder Ashar Nazim.
"Our expertise in banking and a unique tech-led lending solution is helping them approach the right set of financial institutions for their requirements and getting the best deal in the quickest possible time while lowering the cost of customer acquisition for the financial institution.
* Sun Number - Sun Number has developed an automated process that aims to lower the cost of customer acquisition across the solar industry by analyzing rooftops and the impact of shade for every square meter of the roof.