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CODBSCost of Doing Business Survey
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Editors' note: Because we ask different questions in each new Cost of Doing Business Survey, it is impossible to compare all the details between the five surveys item by item.
For a complete copy of the 1997 Cost of Doing Business Survey, call the NAHB Home Builders Bookstore at 1-800-223-2665.
The main objective of the Consultant is to conduct the Cost of Doing Business Survey for the year of 2013, during July-September 2014.
Benefits for AWI manufacturing members include the AWI's "Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study Report," valued at $950 per copy.
Apart from our ongoing efforts to take the pulse of the industry, AWI conducts an annual Cost of Doing Business Survey. Among the "high profit" member manufacturers who responded, we found that operating margins dipped from 9.46% last year to 8.08%.
According to the WCMA's latest Dimension & Market Study and Cost of Doing Business Survey, sales volume for dimension and component parts are at record levels, while profit margins have never been lower.