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Since the matrix to acquire cost of non-conformance used in this study is very simple, it can be done on sites that are not quality assured.
6) Cost of non-conformances during construction must be collected as soon as a failure occurs or at least on a weekly basis.
Case study: cost of non-conformance in the construction of a water treatment plant
The cost of non-conformance exercise began in March 1992 and the participating employees were very supportive in providing the relevant information.
Collection of cost of non-conformance data during construction
Figure 2 shows that the highest cost of non-conformance is associated with the subcontractors, followed by co-ordination and planning, construction-related and setting-out.
Assuming that the rate at which the cost of non-conformances occur is constant throughout construction then the total cost of non-conformance is estimated to be 6 per cent of the estimated project cost.
The disapproval of the study on the construction of the bridge demonstrates the problems in capturing quality cost in construction, especially the cost of non-conformance.
The authors feel that the total cost of non-conformance would have been higher had the exercise covered the full contract period and beyond until all payments were settled.
The company could minimize its cost of non-conformance on the major categories in the future by incorporating the following measures:
1) Not all defects were analysed because of the lack of staff to monitor the overall cost of non-conformance incurred from project initiation until all claims have been settled.
A quality facilitator has been appointed, and interdepartmental teams with members taken both from the original teams and later participants are to start trying to reduce the cost of non-conformance, within the priority areas identified.