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COLICorporate-Owned Life Insurance
COLICertificate of Liability Insurance
COLICost of Living Index
COLICommittee on Legal Issues (American Psychological Association)
COLIChina Overseas Land & Investment (real estate)
COLIChain O' Lake Internet, Inc. (internet service provider; Michigan)
COLIChemometrics On-line Initiative
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This study finds empirical evidence in the form of 2SLS estimations suggesting that the average overall cost of living index for US states (COSTj) is harmed by all three forms of labor market freedom identified by Stansel, Torra, and McMahon (2014, 2015): (1) MINWAGEj, which involves the state minimum wage at the subnational level in state j; (2) GOVTEMPj, which involves government employment and the perspective that economic freedom decreases as government employment increases beyond what is needed for the provision of governmental productive and protective functions; and (3) UNIONj, which deals with the degree of union density.
The measure has been changed significantly by labour minister Zeta Emilianidou -- 50 per cent of the rise in the cost of living index would be incorporated in wages every year (instead of every 6 months) on condition that there was growth in the second and third quarter of the previous year.
An increase in the cost of living index in July 2016 in comparison with the previous month was measured in other food products of 1.5 percent, fish and seafood products, and dried fruits.
According to Numbeos latest mid-year 2015 Cost of Living Index, Dubai ranks at 212 out of the 517 cities that its index ranks, while Abu Dhabi is ranked at 278 and Sharjah stacks up at 280 among the worlds most expensive cities.
Bureau of Labor Statistics cost of living index," Journal of the American Statistical Association, Volume 38, no.
Saudi Arabia's cost of living index in October rose by 3.8% from a year earlier, according to data issued Monday by the Central Department of Statistics and Information, with 1999 as the base year for calculations
RAMALLAH, June 14, 2011 (WAFA) - The cost of living index in the Palestinian Territory in May has decreased by 0.26% in comparison with April, said Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) on Tuesday.
NNA - 10/3/2011 - General Labor Confederation called on Thursday the High Cost of Living Index Committee to raise the minimum wage in line with prices towering."
BT's move mirrors the ConDem Government's decision to link the annual pension increases of public sector workers to the lowest cost of living index.
The general cost of living index forSeptember rose by 0.6% to 130.8against 130.2% in August, accordingto an official report.
This will be only the second time an increase has been skipped since automatic increases matching the cost of living index were instituted in 1975.
ISTANBUL, Oct 1, 2010 (TUR) -- Cost of living index for wage earners in Istanbul, a major indicator for retail price movements, was up 1.37 percent (1995=100) in September, Istanbul Trade Chamber (ITO) said on Friday.