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CEMODCost-Effectiveness Model
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i) Procedural fairness on the basis that NICE refused to disclose the cost-effectiveness model that was used to determine the value of treatment in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease.
A cost-effectiveness model can't put a value on a patient's ability to recognize the face of a loved one, for even a few additional months.
In generating their cost-effectiveness model, Meltzer et al.
Endoscopic ablation with photodynamic therapy cost more than endoscopic surveillance, esophagectomy, or no preventative strategy, but it provided the most discounted quality adjusted life years (dQALYs) in a cost-effectiveness model.
Before implementation of the vaccination program, a cost-effectiveness model was developed that estimated the cost effectiveness of prevaccination testing for immunity to HBV infection among inmates.
Using a preliminary cost-effectiveness model, we estimated that 10.
Their cost-effectiveness model assessed three alternative interventions--intensive glycemic control, intensified hypertension control, and reduction in serum cholesterol--based on results from the U.
24) Other cost-effectiveness models, all of which assumed a 39% to 45% reduction with vaginal progesterone, have come to similar conclusions.