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CVATCostovertebral Angle Tenderness
CVATClaims Virtual Adjusting Technology (Independent Mitigation and Cleaning/Conservation Network)
CVATCombat Vehicle Appended Trainer (Marine Corps)
CVATCoalition Vulnerability Analysis Team
CVATCenter for Vocational and Advanced Training
CVATComputerized Visual Acuity Tester
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No fluid wave or costovertebral angle tenderness was present.
Her examination was normal except for costovertebral angle tenderness bilaterally.
In addition, non-specific abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of conscious, shock, costovertebral angle tenderness, dysuria, local crepitation and pneumaturia are also seen.
Lungs were clear, there were no cardiac murmurs, the abdomen was benign without hepatosplenomegaly, and a questionable right-sided costovertebral angle tenderness was noted.
No abnormal findings were detected in the physical examination and no left costovertebral angle tenderness.
There was no guarding or rebound to abdominal palpation, but minimal suprapubic tenderness and right side costovertebral angle tenderness was noted.
No palpable masses or costovertebral angle tenderness were identified.
On physical examination revealed low grade fever (38[degrees]C), with right costovertebral angle tenderness, other systemic examination was unremarkable.
Now, her physical examination revealed bilateral costovertebral angle tenderness.
The initial assessment revealed a completely normal exam with no costovertebral angle tenderness.
Positive culture, regardless of definition, is predicted by symptoms of dysuria, frequency, urgency, hematuria, back pain, self-diagnosis of UTI, nocturia, costovertebral angle tenderness and the absence of vaginal discharge or irritation.