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Kelvin Irungu is a Japanese costume play, animation and manga (Japanese cartoon) artist/enthusiast.
There will also be a cosplay (costume play) competition where two participants will get a chance to represent the UAE at the World Cosplay Summit 2017 in Japan.
The cosplay (costume play acting) competition is usually the highlight of the event and to enter, the cosplayer must handcraft at least part of their costume.
Games (Ring and win, Treasure hunt, Scavenger hunt and many more.Cosplay (Costume play),Kids and Family entertainment (Magic and laughter show, Thematic face painting, mehandi and nail art, fire juggling show, live puppet show, fire dance show and many more).
Little did we know, Nadine loved anime and was active in cosplaying (short for costume play) during her younger years.
On the two days, Cosplay (costume play) was performed by Metal Seinen and Shonen Infinity, two Pakistani youth groups who are actively engaged in promoting Japanese pop culture in Pakistan.
Following the overwhelming response to the cosplay (costume play) competition held as part of the day-long family affair Winter Wonderland Bonanza, DT Talents and Events is planning another edition of the talked-about contest sometime in November.
Cosplay (short for "COStume PLAY") is a performance art where you dress up as a character, typically from something anime (a Japanese animation style), from a video game, movie, book, TV show, or pretty much anything you enjoy.
It offers images of adult costume play from around the world and documents a global phenomenon known as 'cosplay' interviewing well-known cosplay stars and documenting cosplay's history and modern incarnation.
As well as movies, books and comics, there were costume play - cosplay - competitions, a special effects duel and stars of the horror world on hand for autographs.
Cosplay (costume play) fans have been dressing up as their favourite characters at Halloween for years but with the rise of superhero movies it's become even more popular in the last five years.