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COTHENCustoms Over-the Horizon Enforcement Network (USCS)
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Grady Cothen noted, "We now had a group of ultraconservatives who were determined to adopt a creedal position that defined and limited the concept of being a Southern Baptist.
Given the book's enormously useful features--which include handy tables listing, for example, the personnel of the Cothen court band and the chronology of Bach's travels, and an excellent, comprehensive index-one can hardly complain about the avoidance of certain types of biographical speculation.
Cothen offers a brilliant analysis of the changes in Baptist life.
By using tactics perfected by corrupt ward politicians and the language and methods of the sleaziest of tabloid journalists, Cothen says, this group of self-appointed and self-righteous individuals succeeded within a twenty-year period in dominating the boards of trustees of practically all Southern Baptist Convention agencies and institutions.
Cothen, who has been with the FRA for more than 20 years said, "I am looking forward to taking on yet another new challenge and using my experience to continue to serve the FRA and its national mission.
Railroad grade crossings typically have gate arms designed to lift automatically if they hit a car or other object on the way down, railroad safety consultant Grady Cothen said.
Cothen, What Happened to the Southern Baptist Convention: A Memoir of the Controversy (Macon: Smyth and Helwys, 1993) and The New SBC: Fundamentalism's Impact on the Southern Baptist Convention (Macon: Smyth and Helwys, 1995).
They fall into various categories: (1) Festival Music for courts, (2) Festival Music for the court at Cothen, (3) Italian solo cantatas, (4) Festival Music for the University of Leipzig and other school celebrations, (5) Wedding Music, (6) Works for common occasions, (7) Music of Homage, and (8) Festival Music for the Elector of Saxony.
Now the same paper-type has been found also in Leipzig documents of the 1720s and in other of Bach's Cothen works, so we can say no more than that the date Bach put on the tide page is 1720.
The question of chance versus choice between court jobs and church jobs recurs throughout, from Bach's early career to his later, famous moves from Weimar and Cothen to Leipzig.
To paraphrase information contained in the booklet that comes with this recording, the Six Suites were composed during Bach's stay in Cothen between 1717 and 1723, and form part of the body of instrumental music written by him during those years.
Written from 1720-1723, the Inventions were a part of the compositional output of the years Bach spent in Cothen.