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Caption: Figure 2: Multimodal imaging (color fundus photo, OCT, IR image, and AOSLO) of six hallmark lesions: a microaneurysm, MA (A-D), a blot hemorrhage (E-H), a cotton wool spot, CWS (I-K), intraretinal cysts (L-N), hard exudate, HE (O-R), and neovascular proliferation, NV (S-V).
They found generalized arteriolar narrowing (5/28), cotton wool spot (1/28), haemorrhage (1/28) and serous retinal detachment (1/28).
This is a cotton wool spot caused by retinal ischemia which leads to blockage of axoplasmic flow in the nerve fibre layer
The condition is called intraocular pressure (IOP) which often results in a host of symptoms like "cotton wool spots." This is described as the white spots on the retina and is often a result of the swelling of the optic nerve.
Aplastic anaemia can manifest as eyelid haematoma, subconjunctival haemorrhage, superficial haemorrhages, preretinal haemorrhages, vitreous haemorrhages, Roth spots, cotton wool spots and disc oedema.
Fundoscopic examination of the right eye revealed splinter hemorrhages, optic nerve head hemorrhage, and cotton wool spots in the superior arcuate region, and the patient was diagnosed with papillophlebitis (Figure 1).
The funduscopic findings include whitening of the retina, multiple cotton wool spots, and bleeding of different sizes.
Ocular manifestations reported to be associated with dengue infection are mostly posterior segment, such as macular edema, vascular occlusion, vitreous hemorrhage, optic neuropathy, chorioretinitis, vasculitis with retinal hemorrhages, and cotton wool spots. [4,5,8,13,14] Anterior segment manifestation has been mostly reported in the form of subconjunctival hemorrhages and anterior uveitis.
Retinal microaneurysms were present in 5 (5.4%) cotton wool spots in 10 (10.8%) retinal haemorrhages in 8 (8.6%) and optic disc hyperaemia in 1 (1.1%) patient.
Cotton wool spots appear as fluffy white patches on the retina and are associated with diabetes.
Active learning approach for detection of hard exudates, cotton wool spots, and drusen in retinal images//Medical Imaging 2009: Computer-Aided Diagnosis, 2009--P.