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Any OILs that cannot be resolved are recommended to a Council of Colonels (Phase III).
Since TSC commanding generals usually cannot spend time on this matter, it falls to the TSCs' deputy commanding generals and chiefs of staff to work with the council of colonels to resolve issues affecting the TSCs.
One significant change to the Council of Colonels this year was that attendance was by invitation only.
* The Power Projection Council of Colonels' priority focus, briefings, and meeting minutes archive.
In November, we held a Building Great Engineers Council of Colonels where our regimental leadership developed recommendations for developmental and key developmental branch positions in support of the DA PAM 600-3 update.
The symposium hosted general-officer sessions, a general-officer summit, the council of colonels, "council of fives" (chief warrant officers five), council of command sergeants major and the Functional Area 24/53 colonels Focus group.
Targeted discussion of the latest drafts of both manuals occurred prior to ENFORCE 2008 (5-9 May) through a virtual Council of Colonels conducted via video teleconference (VTC).
ENFORCE concluded on 24 May with a Council of Colonels, a Council of Sergeants Major, the United States Army Corps of Engineers Commanders Meeting, a Regimental barbecue, and a golf tournament.
They initially corresponded through e-mail and Army Knowledge Online (AKO), but assembled with other key engineer leaders at Fort Leonard Wood in December 2006 for a Council of Colonels. The first council resulted in formulating and confirming the initial guidance for the writing team and the development of the detailed strawman for the table of contents and the program directive.
The event will combine a Council of Colonels (for a select audience) with a Warfighter Symposium for all who desire to attend.
To address the augmentation of the SBCT, the commander of the 555th Engineer Group presented a series of initiatives, known as the Engineer Augmentation Package (EAP), to the Engineer Council of Colonels in October 2002.
In conjunction with HQ TRADOC, we established a Countermine Integrated Concepts Team (ICT), that launched a Countermine Council of Colonels (CoC), which met in March, and a Countermine General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC), which met in April.
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