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Will any assets be employed in the reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance phase?
The reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance fight is a combat operation that requires complete planning and support.
After the reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance mission, was the follow-on mission reserve, screen, or following support?
While the Texians effectively employed mounted rangers for reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, riflemen for massing effects, and light skirmishers for flank protection, the Mexican Army failed to dominate the information contest with a larger cavalry force, achieve envelopment by both heavy and light infantry, or degrade with artillery effects.
During the defensive phase of the operation, the BCT commander and squadron commander also identified the requirement to have an even more seamless interaction during critical events of the counter-reconnaissance fight.
Those products were provided to the brigade support battalion and brigade special troops battalion (BSTB) staffs, respectively, to assist in their security and counter-reconnaissance plans.
In this role, the squadron contributed to the BCT's successful execution of combat operations against a hybrid threat by synchronizing the BCT commander's ISR assets to achieve ISR unity of effort; coordinating (in conjunction with the fires battalion) the BCT's deep fight against enemy reconnaissance forces and high-payoff targets; and conducting counter-reconnaissance assessments of the BCT's high-value targets.
During reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance missions, the ICVs' mobility is especially noteworthy.