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Caption: The 95th Clearance Company provides security as the 523d Engineer Company begins emplacing countermobility obstacles.
With new countermobility development in various stages across the globe, there is an opportunity for a paradigm shift in how the Army fundamentally approaches countermobility operations.
Field Manual 3-34.170, Engineer Reconnaissance, reinforces the fact that geospatial engineering is an engineer capability in addition to combat (mobility, countermobility, and survivability) and general engineering skills.
JP 3-15 added numerous appendices pertaining to mobility and countermobility capabilities, mining capabilities and countermeasures (it removes the term countermining), and improvised explosive device defeat.
By generating NL protective and suppressive fires as well as special-purpose fires (incapacitants, countermobility and thermobaric effects), the FA will be poised to participate in all aspects of the future spectrum of conflict.
Purpose of Engineers is countermobility, then survivability.
Combat engineer operations normally consist of missions that closely support the maneuver of land combat forces through mobility, countermobility, and survivability operations.
Widely dispersed joint land, sea, air, special operations, and space forces--capable of scaling and massing force or forces and the effects of fire--will secure advantage across the range of military operations through the application of information, deception, engagement, mobility, and countermobility capabilities.
What is different about the Intelligence BOS is its critical requirement for connectivity to higher echelons, as opposed, for example, to a deployed forces' mobility, countermobility, and survivability capability, which is most likely inherent in its colocated engineer unit(s).
This is more than an 85 percent reduction in weight for countermobility logistical requirements.
Focusing on the Army functional concept for maneuver support, (which builds on the ideas presented in the Army capstone concept, Army operating concept) describes how maneuver support forces, as part of Army forces, provide unique skills and specialized capabilities that enable mobility, countermobility, and protection to accomplish campaign objectives and protect the national interests of the United States.