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CTPTCounterterrorism Pursuit Team (US CIA)
CTPTComputer-controlled Two Point Workability Test
CTPTChaparral Troop Proficiency Trainer
CTPTConcrete Physical Therapy (Concrete, WA)
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"The new effort will be led by small units known as counterterrorism pursuit teams. They are managed by CIA paramilitary officers from the agency's Special Activities Division and operatives from the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's intelligence arm, and include elite American troops from the Joint Special Operations Command," the report said.
The CIA, however, has been widely reported to operate proxy forces inside Afghanistan, allegedly known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams.15 These teams have been described as "one of the best fighting forces in Afghanistan" and are alleged to be both well paid and well motivated.
The suicide bombing took place at 1.00pm in the Lahore Daag area of Marawara district, where Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams (CTP) were escorting foreign soldiers.
These operations in Pakistan by Afghan operatives, known as counterterrorism pursuit teams, have been previously reported as solely intelligence-gathering operations.
Washington, Sept 23 (ANI): An Afghan paramilitary force with a strength of 3000 well-armed troops, collectively known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams, has been trained and deployed in Afghanistan not only for surveillance, raids and combat operations in Afghanistan, but also for the United States' secret war in Pakistan against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, according to current and former US officials.
It reports that the CIA has a 3,000-man "covert army" in Afghanistan called the Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams, or CTPT.