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CSELCable Select (IDE hard drive jumper setting)
CSELClock Select
CSELCable Select
CSELCorpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (Corpus of the Latin Church Fathers)
CSELCombat Survivor Evader Locator
CSELControl Systems Engineering Laboratory (Arizona State University)
CSELCircuit Switch Select Line (US DoD)
CSELCommand Senior Enlisted Leader
CSELConsolidated Support Equipment List
CSELCourse Select (aviation)
CSELCommunication System Evaluation Laboratory
CSELCombat System Equipment List
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If, to avoid this consequence, they had attempted a partial enumeration of the exceptions, and described the residue by the general terms, NOT NECESSARY OR PROPER, it must have happened that the enumeration would comprehend a few of the excepted powers only; that these would be such as would be least likely to be assumed or tolerated, because the enumeration would of course select such as would be least necessary or proper; and that the unnecessary and improper powers included in the residuum, would be less forcibly excepted, than if no partial enumeration had been made.
The constituency party would in due course select a new candidate to stand for Plaid at the next Assembly election in 2021 but Mr Siencyn hoped he and other county councillors would be able to maintain good relations with Lord Elis-Thomas for the rest of his term as AM for the sake of local residents.
T7_Return_ListCourses--displays all registered courses of teacher for next course select (button Deactivate edit mode to end the editing, select next course via mouse and scroll bar).
When a couple goes to a shelter to adopt a cat, they of course select one that appears friendly and interacts with both of them.
One of the best ways to reduce costs is to let the golf course select the date.
The HSI doesn't have an OBS; instead, it has a course select knob and a course deviation bar (better known as the D-bar).
Currently, you are on a 210 heading on the downwind leg just past RALLY, the non-precision FAR Expecting an inbound turn soon, you twist the course select knob to the front course (016 degrees).
Assume the front course is 060 degrees, but you twist the course select knob on the HSI to 070 degrees.
I adapted the term wrapper from the machine-learning feature selection literature, the metaphor being that the campus course selects the MOOC content best suited to the local environment.
Finally, each section of the course selects a nonfiction book to discuss throughout the semester.