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4KFour Kings (gaming)
4KCourt Attendance (police incident code; New Zealand)
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Private interests may relate to costs and convenience of court attendance by witnesses, while public ones may be connected to the necessity of protecting lives and safety in relation to air travel, which is transnational in nature.
Lee Chul-woo, a board member of the May 18 Memorial Foundation, called Chun's court attendance in Gwangju a "historic event."
A combination of positive outlook in life and Nutrawell Probiotics puts Lavitoria at the top of her game, starting off from her daily run before breakfast up to her complete court attendance.
By removing the need to bring witnesses to court in-person, legal firms can drive productivity, reduce costs, and manage sensitivities around court attendance.
Judge Lawrence Mugambi said the order is temporary and is only meant to secure her court attendance tomorrow.
"Naeem ditched the police and escaped from custody while he was being taken for court attendance to Maharashtra from Kolkata in August 2014.
New York law is very clear that in the majority of cases a judge hearing a bail application may only determine the kind and degree of control or restriction that is necessary to secure (a defendants) court attendance. The law identifies several factors the judge must consider, including the defendants character, employment and financial resources, ties to the community, and criminal record.
ISLAMABAD -- An accountability court (AC) of Islamabad Monday accepted the plea of former prime minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif seeking change in his exemption period from court attendance in three references.
The 36-year-old, from Knowsley, said: "The whole episode as well as the adverse publicity which followed the actual charge, which was by requisition, caused me, my family and my business interests significant harm despite the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service's decision not to proceed was made within two weeks of my original court attendance. There was not a shred of evidence to substantiate any charge against me at all in relation to this matter and it is hard not to believe that the only basis for any prosecution was malicious or political or both.
The police court attendance notice states that Cranston has been charged with two separate abuse of public office offences.
The package includes property damage, business interruption, employer's liability, public liability, court attendance costs and cyber risk--and, if you move your practice insurance to Lloyd & Whyte, it will guarantee a 10% reduction on the current premium (terms and condition apply).