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"I pointed out it wasn't a good idea," he said, adding: "That was the first sitting of the court of public opinion that I'm aware of in our industry."
He told the news outlet that he thinks that there are people that have an "axe to grind" by convicting "black men in the court of public opinion."
Lawyer Dennis McAndrews, who's been in court following the retrial, said prominent defendants like Cosby almost always play to the court of public opinion when there's no gag order, but that his team's approach hasn't been "particularly effective or convincing."
While noting that the court decision was a step too far, he said; 'While they seek refuge in a court of law, they must be ready to face scrutiny in the court of public opinion.
It's not known if mayors will continue to enforce bans in their towns despite the ruling, but the court of public opinion continues to debate the issue worldwide.
As reported in the NACD's Directorship magazine earlier this year, activists often wage battle in the court of public opinion to garner support from the public at large when they mount an attack against a company.
Will disclosure of tax affairs really lead to these companies being accountable, given the only sanction is the court of public opinion? How will these EU Proposals be implemented in law?
While Flynt's brash demeanor and tone earned him disgust in the court of public opinion, he usually prevailed in the legal sense--if only after a few stints in jail and an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed from the waist down--setting precedent for future free speech cases.
The Chilcot report will trundle out its conclusion in time - but in the court of public opinion, the conclusion on Blair's commitment to war has already been drawn.
The law's sponsor complained that the videos exposed the industry to"the court of public opinion," as though that were a bad thing in a free-market society.
Only the court of public opinion had that right – and not many felt he had served his time.
E After Jessica Ennis-Hill said she would have her name removed from Sheffield United's stadium if the club were to re-sign the player, Hopkins, the star of series 3 of The Apprentice tweeted: A"Jessica Ennis is Supreme judge in the court of public opinion.