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CWBACanadian Wheelchair Basketball Association
CWBAColorado Women's Bar Association
CWBACalifornia Women's Bowling Association (est. 1924)
CWBACovenant with Black America
CWBACoulomb-Wave Born Approximation
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Efforts ranging from the Covenant with Black America to the progressive, globally focused Institute on the Black World, underscore the range of issues and interests that might drive such an agenda.
The Covenant With Black America had just become the first title by an African American book publisher to reach the No.
While The Covenant With Black America has sparked a publishing phenomenon, a group of scholars and activists affiliated with Tavis Smiley are hoping that its popularity will motivate Blacks to achieve an awareness of democratic action that will result in meaningful social activism.
The Covenant With Black America, a 254-page book organized by TV/radio talk show host and activist Tavis Smiley, is a national plan of action that has created a buzz across the country by tackling the gritty problems that face Black America with gutsy solutions.
Tavis Smiley's The Covenant With Black America zoomed to the top spot on The Times nonfiction paperback list because "he really hawked that book," says Janet Hill, vice president and executive editor with Doubleday.
This is why I have called for the creation of a Covenant with Black America that will help pave the way for us to reclaim the word "no.
The Covenant With Black America Introduction by Tavis Smiley Third World Press, February 2006 $12, ISBN 0-883-78277-4