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COVCOMCovert Communications (US DoD)
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Agnew, "Turbo covert channel: an iterative framework for covert communication over data networks," in Proc.
Starting around 2013, Iranian cyber experts seemed to be tracking CIA agents outside their own borders, including in Yemen, where Iran eventually compromised the Internet-based covert communications system there, said one of the former officials.
The mission of covert communications and networks is more than the support like signal acquisition, location detection, direction finding and surveillance, and so forth, and two key missions of the covert communications and networks are aggressive attack and preventive protection, that is, electronic attack (EA) and electronic protection (EP)
Based on the LR-MUD method, a design of a covert communications system can be feasibly realized.
The huge amount of data and vast number of different protocols in the Internet seems ideal as a high-bandwidth vehicle for covert communication. Covert Channels are stealth communication channels that often violate network policies [19].
These days, covert communications must not make "noise"--that is, if the method involves alteration of images, audio files, or text, that alteration must not attract attention or be easily discernible.
Mr Bigley's wife Sombat and his family were kept informed of the covert communications.
* deception of covert communications systems, especially spread spectrum
There were lectures about the Code of Conduct and about covert communications. There were films.
Mallory later acknowledged his understanding at the time that Yang and Ding were in fact Chinese intelligence officials.<br />Yang provided Mallory was a smartphone capable of covert communications. On April 25, 2017, Mallory had nine stacks of documents scanned onto a memory card, then shredded, at a Leesburg FedEx.
Others thought that the Chinese government had hacked the CIA's covert communications used to talk to foreign sources of information.
Thomas, a former executive at defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, said he hopes Comey will report on the supposed backchannel established between the Trump campaign and Russian diplomats so the public may learn if it was "designed to simply be a backchannel, or a covert communications channel?"