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COCentral Office (telecommunications/telephony)
COColorado (US postal abbreviation)
COCommanding Officer
COCarbon Monoxide
COChange Order
COCash Out (mortgage refinancing)
COCurrent Operations
COChief Officer
COCabinet Office
COComo (Lombardia, Italy)
COColton (blood group)
COCertificate of Origin
COCommunity Organizer (Philippines)
COChill Out
COConnection Oriented
COCombat (game, Natural Selection)
COCommunity Outreach
COCellular One
COComplain Of
COcrude oil
COCharlotte Observer (newspaper)
COCompliance Officer
COCardiac Output
COColchester (postcode, United Kingdom)
COCertificate of Occupancy
COConan O'Brien
COCorrectional Officer
COCommunications Officer
COCastor Oil
COColonial Office (UK)
COCargo Operations
COCommissioned Officer
COCompliance Order
COCaptain Obvious
COChinese Orchestra
COCompañía (Spanish)
COCornish (linguistics)
COContinental Airlines (airline code)
COCorrection Officer
COClinical Operations
COCovert Operations (gaming)
COClean Out (sewers/drains)
COCombinatorial Optimization (workshop)
COContracting Officer
COCash Order
COConsent Order
COConscientious Objector
COCorporación (Spanish)
COCertifying Officer
COCombined Operations (gaming)
COClerical Officer (obsolete, now AO)
COCollection Officer
COClothes Optional
COChampions Online (game)
COConstant Observation (medical care)
COCommand Output
COCircle Officer (India)
COCore Operation(s)
COClinical Officer (hospital)
COCommand Operations
COCommitment to Perform (common feature; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
COChief Operator
COConsoleone (Novell GUI)
COCargo Oil
COCombinatorics and Optimization (field of pure mathematics)
COContracting Official
COConvert Out
COConsumer Ombudsman (UK)
COConservation Operations
COConseiller d'Orientation (French)
COCase Operations
COCertified Orthotist (ABC)
COColumbia Orchestra (Ellicott City, MD)
COComitissa (Latin: Countess, Codices And Manuscripts)
COCustodial Officer
COConstraint Oriented
COChosen Overseer
COCoastal Chart
COCircuit Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
COCaucasian Ovtcharka (dog breed)
COCommand Outpost
COCaptive Office (Nortel)
COConsolidated Obligation
COAir Post Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
COCiceronian Oration
COCombat Aptitude Area
COCongregation of the Oratory, Oratorians (religious order)
COComercializadora de Occidente SA (Guatemala)
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In this case, what he uncovers is the existence of a real-life covert operation that the American public didn't learn about until fairly recently.
"The larger issue here is that the way IB conducts covert operations against terrorists.
Though IK Gujral formally shut down covert operations when he was PM in 1997, sources reveal the TSD carried out several such operations within and outside the country - such as Op Rehbar 1, 2 and 3 (in Kashmir), Op Seven Sisters (Northeast) and Op Deep Strike (Pakistan).
Kennedy, the overt and covert operations are shown in simplified and even artistic form, so the political expert, the professional teacher and the layman reader can understand the truth and wisdom behind the scenes of politics and power.
Iran has previously said covert operations by Mossad, MI6 and the CIA were aimed at disrupting Iran's program by assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists.
It was supposed to be a covert operation but when Heinrich's brother Jonas (Clint Carleton) is killed, the incident is made public by the media.
Another senior security officer attributed the reluctance to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying the Prime Minister is worried about the consequences of a covert operation being discovered or going awry.
Its compact design is ideal for covert operations and the Enforcer requires minimal pre-dive preparation.The latest in C[O.sub.2] absorbent technology is employed by the Extendair cartridge, which reduces the possibility of C [O.sub.2] breakthrough associated with scrubber packing.
And plain-clothed officers will also be carrying out covert operations.
SOF Involvement in Covert Operations Possible Enhanced U.S.
The recent New York Times report on America's covert operations reiterates an increasingly complex situation.
For Gustafson, covert operations are legitimate tools of statecraft.