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CMPAColégio Militar de Porto Alegre (Brazil)
CMPACanadian Media Production Association
CMPACanadian Medical Protective Association
CMPACanadian Music Publishers Association
CMPACentre Médical et Pédagogique pour Adolescents (French: Medical and Educational Center for Youth)
CMPACanadian Magazine Publishers Association
CMPACow's Milk Protein Allergy
CMPAChurch Music Publishers Association (Tennessee)
CMPACenter for Media & Public Affairs (Washington, DC)
CMPAConstruction Mécanique de Précision Auber (French industrial mechanics company)
CMPACorrugated Metal Pipe Arch
CMPACertified Manager of Patient Accounts
CMPACanadian Military Police Association
CMPAConstruction Material Processors Association (Australia)
CMPAContract Manufacturing & Packaging Association (Jackson, Tennessee)
CMPAComprehensive Multidisciplinary Patient Assessment (National Kidney Foundation and American Nephrology Nurses' Association)
CMPACalifornia Modified Pullers Association
CMPACertified Medical Practice Analyst
CMPACertified Management Professional Associate
CMPACenter for Mathematical Physics Amsterdam
CMPAComprehensive Medical Practice Analysis
CMPACoastal Marshland Protection Act of 1970
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Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of cow's milk protein allergy in infants.
Diagnosing possible infantile cow's milk protein allergy in rural Africa, when history and physical examination are the only tools: A case report.
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2014) Clinical Summaries Knowledge: Cow's milk protein allergy in children.
Cow's milk protein allergy is the most common allergy in infants and often presents solely with hematochezia.
The precise prevalence of cow's milk protein allergy is not known; estimates range from 0.3% to 7%.
These data support the opinions expressed by the international Diagnosis and Rationale for Action against Cow's Milk Allergy [16] food allergy guidelines and the recent South African consensus statement [1] that extensively hydrolysed and amino acid formulas are suitable for the dietary management of cow's milk protein allergy. It is therefore appropriate that these formulas be labelled accordingly, in line with current legislation.
The most common cause of food allergy in the 0-1 year-age group is cow's milk protein allergy. A flowchart which can be used for patients with allergy against cow's milk protein is shown in Table 1.
Cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) results from an immune reaction to one or more of the proteins in cow's milk as these are different in quantity and antigenicity from those in human milk (Crittenden and Bennett, 2005).
According to the study, use of elemental formula for infant nutritional management of Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) is gaining attention, both across developed and developing economies.
Shares of DBV Technologies are moving higher after the company announced preliminary results from Part B, or Phase II, of a Phase I/II study evaluating the efficacy and safety of three dose regimens of Viaskin Milk in 198 patients for the treatment of IgE-mediated cow's milk protein allergy. The Miles study was designed to determine a safe and effective dose in two age groups: children ages two to 11 and adolescents ages 12 to 17.