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CPMVCowpea Mosaic Virus
CPMVCommittee to Protect Mesothelioma Victims
CPMVClub Penguin Music Video
CPMVCitizens for Preservation of the Middletown Valley (Middletown, MD)
CPMVCourir Pour Mieux Vivre (French: Running for Better Living; Belgium)
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with the exception of BCMV-RU1), which formed a close but separate group of BCMV strains, referred to as the "blackeye cowpea mosaic virus strain subgroup" (28).
The ultrastructural appearance of cowpea mosaic virus in cowpea.
Scientists created the new vaccine by first genetically altering an existing virus called the cowpea mosaic virus and then introducing it into cowpea plants as a vector for the disease.