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CB4Cell Block 4
CB4Chris Bosh #4 (basketball player)
CB4Coxsackie B4 Virus (immunology)
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The compounds (3a-j) were evaluated for activity against diverse RNA- and DNA-viruses, using the following cell-based assays (32): (a) Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells infected with INF A/H1N1 subtype (A/Ned/378/05), INF A/H3N2 subtype (A/HK/7/87) or INF B (B/Ned/537/05); (b) Crandell-Rees Feline Kidney (CRFK) cells infected with feline corona virus (FCoV) or feline herpes virus (FHV); (c) African green monkey kidney Vero cells infected with parainfluenza-3 virus, reovirus-1, Sindbis virus, Coxsackie B4 virus or Punta toro virus; (d) human embryonic lung (HEL) fibroblast cells infected with HSV-1 or -2, an acyclovir-resistant HSV-1 strain, vaccinia virus, VSV; (e) human cervixcarcinoma Henrietta Lacks (HeLa) cells infected with VSV, coxsackie B4 virus or RSV.
The compounds (3a-j) were also evaluated against INF A/H1N1 subtype (A/Ned/378/05), INF A/H3N2 subtype (A/HK/7/87), INF B (B/Ned/537/05) in MDCK, FCoV, FHV in CRFK, parainfluenza-3 virus, reovirus-1, sindbis virus, coxsackie B4 virus, punta toro virus in Vero, HSV-1 (KOS), HSV-2 (G), HSV-1 TK KOS ACV, vaccinia virus, VSV, in HEL and VSV, coxsackie B4 virus and RSV in HeLa cell cultures.
(7) Fletcher and Brennan (8) in Northern Ireland first reported the case of a man with pericarditis due to Coxsackie B4 virus and numerous adult cases have since been reported (Gordon, Lennette and Sandrock 1959)[9]; Null and Castle, 1959[10]; Sainani, Krompotic and Slodki, 1968[11]; Bell and Grist, 1968.
The synthesized Schiff bases were evaluated for activity against several RNA- and DNA-viruses, using the following cell-based-assays: (a) Vero cells infected with parainfluenza-3 virus, reovirus-1, Sindbis virus, Coxsackie B4 virus, or Punta Toro virus; (b) human embryonic lung (HEL) fibroblasts infected with herpes simplex virus-1 (KOS), herpes simplex virus-2 (G), acyclovir-resistant herpes simplex virus-1 (KOS ACVr TK-), vaccinia virus or vesicular stomatitis virus; (c) human epithelial (HeLa) cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus, coxsackie B4 virus or respiratory syncytial virus and (d) Madin Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells infected with influenza virus, subtype A/H1N1, A/H3N2 or B.
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(2) Enteroviruses such as coxsackie B4 virus and rotavirus, the most common cause of childhood gastroenteritis, not only share homology with GAD-65, but can cause the precipitation of type 1 diabetes when introduced.
(3) Using PCR technology, coxsackie B4 virus was detected in islet cells of 65% of patients versus only 6% of controls [30].
Etiolojide viral enfeksiyonlar (Coxsackie B4 virus, Epstein-Barr virus, Parvovirus B19) ve civaya karsi asiri duyarlilik reaksiyonlari olsa da, en sik (%90) neden ilaclardir.
The viruses and cells used were herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) (strain KOS), herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) (strain G), vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and thymidine-kinase-deficient HSV-1 ([TK.sup.-]) (strain KOS) in HEL cells; vesicular stomatitis virus, Coxsackie virus B4, respiratory syncytial virus in HeLa cells; parainfluenza virus type 3, reovirus type 1, Sindbis virus, Coxsackie B4 virus and Punta Toro virus in Vero cells; and HIV-1 ([III.sub.B]) and HIV-2 (strain ROD) in human T-lymphocyte (CEM) cells (at compound concentrations up to 100 [micro]g/ml).