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CPSACommission for Public Service Appointments (Ireland)
CPSAConsumer Product Safety Act
CPSACanadian Professional Sales Association
CPSACanadian Political Science Association
CPSAColored Pencil Society of America
CPSAClay Pigeon Shooting Association (UK)
CPSACollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (Canada)
CPSACommunist Party of South Africa
CPSAContent Protection System Architecture
CPSACivil and Public Services Association
CPSACyber Protection Supply Arrangement (Canada)
CPSAChemical and Pharmaceutical Structure Analysis (pharmaceutical bioanalysis)
CPSACuban Philatelic Society of America
CPSACollege Preparatory School of America (Lombard, Illinois, USA)
CPSAChristchurch Polytechnic Students' Association (New Zealand)
CPSAChecks Payment Systems Association
CPSACertified Professional Strategic Advisor (Category Management Association)
CPSACertified PACS System Analyst (PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association)
CPSACalifornia Peer Support Association (La Mesa, CA)
CPSAChicago Paintball Sports Association
CPSAChurch of the Province in South Africa
CPSACertified PACS System Administrator
CPSACertified Platespin Systems Administrator
CPSACounter Proliferation and Strategic Analysis (US Treasury)
CPSACable Penetration Seal Assembly (Bellcore)
CPSACenter for Palladian Studies in America (Richmond, VA)
CPSACertified Practicing Safety Administrator
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Once a company determines that it must report a product hazard to a governing agency, it can expect to undertake many if not all of these same measures either on a negotiated basis or on a "voluntary" basis even if the CPSC does not order a recall under the CPSA.
Filatova and Davidson show that this period divided the CPSA almost irrevocably and severely damaged its ability to function, with little meaningful activism and the near collapse of the Party's organ, Umsebenzi.
10] Nonstandard abbreviations: PSA, prostate-specific antigen; hK2, kallikrein-related peptidase 2; fPSA, free PSA; cPSA, complexed PSA; tPSA, total PSA; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; Mab, monoclonal antibody; LD, linkage disequilibrium; MAF, minor allele frequency.
CPSA aims to strengthen communication between members of the patient's multidisciplinary team through sharing plans and information about managing the patient's medicines.
The CPSA has also implemented two new standards of practice setting out thresholds for self-reporting and reporting of colleagues.
After both of these bond issues were approved by strong margins in the May 2006 election, Cash and his CPSA team headed into the project's toughest phase, which was "staying on track with the vision we had for what this facility should look like between the time the bonds passed and the time that we broke ground in September 2010.
The CPSA created the CPSC as an independent federal regulatory agency.
The compatibility between the CPSA amine curing agent and epoxy resin was investigated by SEM and element-mapping measurements.
He convincingly shows that the CPSA and then SACP were far more heterogeneous organisations than some accounts suggest, and that the Congress of Democrats was neither born nor functioned as a front group for the Party.
For instance, he says the CPSA does not accept any money from political parties for fear of party bias.
The two-year grant for the Frontiers Project will provide permanent supportive housing in Pima County for 22 homeless men and women who are members of the public behavioral health care system administered by CPSA and who have serious mental illness or substance abuse disorder.
Later that year, the CPSA followed up with four official charges against the doctor: engendering mistrust, blocking access to files, billing irregularities and causing undue alarm in Fort Chipewyan.