CR1Complement Receptor 1
CR1First Complete Remission (cancer)
CR1C3b Receptor
CR1Conserved Region 1
CR1Chicken Repeat 1 (molecular biology)
CR1Control Register 1
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CR1 is a transmembrane glycoprotein that can be found in the plasma membrane of erythrocyte and monocyte/macrophage among other cells and is involved in the phagocytosis of complement-opsonized pathogens [92].
CR1 has two cycloidal discs with [z.sub.1] = 17 lobes each and ring gear pins/rollers [z.sub.2] = 18 with reduction ratio [u.sub.1] = ([z.sub.2] - [z.sub.1]) / [z.sub.1] = (18 - 17) / 17 = 1 / 17.
In TBA, the content provider disconnects from the CR1 and connects to the CR2 after [L.sub.T].
"When we opened the first CR1 store, in Washington, D.C., and took customers through it, they said it was bigger; it wasn't," notes Pugh.
([dagger]) Some members of SAdV-B were found to have a novel configuration in which 2 CR1 proteins were fused into a single open reading frame (see Figures 2, 3).
Waitumbi et al (3) reported decrease in expression of CR1 and CD55 on RBCs from children with severe anaemia as compared to age matched controls.
As expected CR1, CR2 and CR3 are found not correlated significantly.
Various polymorphic forms of CR1, including molecular weight polymorphism, red blood cell expression levels /density polymorphism and Knops (KN) polymorphism are known.
The new findings, by scientists in Wales and France, suggest the CLU and Picalm genes account for 9% of cases each, and the CR1 gene is responsible for 4%.
El desarrollo embrionario temprano puede ser llevado a cabo en diferentes medios de cultivo cuya composicion consiste en una solucion simple de sales balanceadas y carbohidratos, por ejemplo, tenemos el caso de los medios Charles Rosenkrans 1 (CR1), fluido de oviducto sintetico (SOF) y el medio simple de potasio optimizado (KS OM).
The competitive and very versatile CR1 plastic pallet does not incorporate re-inforcement profiles, but is very durable and capable of transporting heavy loads and storage in racking systems up to 1,000kg.
The power sour (supplied) is by a lithium type CR1 battery giving years of service and easily replaceable.