CRPVCottontail Rabbit Papillomavirus
CRPVCricket Paralysis Virus
CRPVCentre Regional de Pharmacovigilance (French: Regional Pharmacovigilance Center)
CRPVCentro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali (Italian: Plant Production Research Center)
CRPVComposite Reinforced Pressure Vessel (emissions monitoring)
CRPVChloroquine-Resistant Plasmodium Vivax (malaria strain)
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Immunization with virus-like particles in cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (CRPV) can protect against experimental CRPV infection.
There is increasing evidence that HPV is not cleared when lesions regress but as in COPV (45), CRPV (46) and BPV (47) infection remains in a latent state in a few basal keratinocytes (48-50).
However, some of the earliest experimental work in rabbits using CRPV, showed very clearly that neutralizing antibodies were protective (70).