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CTRACCrack Tip Opening Displacement (petroleum industry)
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Keywords: X80 pipeline steel, critical crack tip opening displacement, three point bending test, XFEM.
n] are the true strain and engineering strain, respectively, at the onset of necking, [sigma] is the engineering stress during the necking process, which is a function of the crack tip opening displacement ([[DELTA].
e] is proportional to the crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) and to the necking strain and stress, the effect of cross-linking on [w.
Grellmann and Seidler (3) also reported useful information assessable from the crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) concept and the J-R curve in the study of fiber reinforced injection molded polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA).
The radius of curvature of a blunted crack can be approximated by equating p with the crack tip opening displacement expressed by Eq 16 (17, 32, 33).
f] to zero ligament length can be identified with the critical crack tip opening displacement (CTOD).