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C2GClient to Gateway
C2GCradle to Grave
C2GCitizen to Government
C2GCall to Greatness (TV show)
C2GCommand and Control Guard
C2GCommitment to Graduate
C2GCome2go Ministries (Fort Wayne, IN)
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LUKE PICKERING-JONES: I feel that reforms of the NHS are overdue and we need to look at joining our Health and Social Care services under one organisation and one budget that provides a cradle to grave services incorporating other areas such as leisure etc.
The health service was set up to look after us from cradle to grave - but it failed Mary.
Cradle to grave; municipal medicine in inter-war England and Wales.
Most of us have heard the term "cradle to grave." Something is created, used and then thrown away.
The principal thrust of the regulations is to prevent and minimise pollution, adding that "they have been divided into various parts with a view to covering the issues at stake from cradle to grave."
We have also written to all MPs drawing their attention to the inadequate proposals and urging them to contact us to find out more about what we believe is needed to ensure the welfare of all racing Greyhounds from cradle to grave.
SLAMIS also provides "cradle to grave" visibility of equipment acquisition from approval of requirements through funding, authorizing, fielding, and sustainment to retirement.
From cradle to grave, hunger affects people's lives.
What happened to free health care from cradle to grave? Surely it's high time that politicians addressed this unfair situation.
Commenting on the new standard, IEC General Secretary and CEO Ronnie Amit said: "The IEC Standard helps designers consider all aspects of a product's life cycle, from the cradle to grave. If we can get designers to think holistically at the start of the product's life cycle, then it's a win-win for the consumer, governments and industry alike."
CCES has created a "cradle to grave" standard for the voluntary carbon offset market since no standard exists.