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The first stage is a quick combustion process named premixed which occurs in few crank angle degrees.
The peak knee adduction angle occurred at 23.8[degrees] of crank angle (13.2% power phase, Figure 3) and the peak vertical PRF at 116.7[degrees] of crank angle (64.9% power phase), whereas the peak KAM occurred at 98.6[degrees] of crank angle (54.8% power phase, Figure 4).
Then supposing that rocker swing angle ([alpha]), time ratio ([t.sub.R]) or angle between dead-centers ([eta]) and initial crank angle ([beta]) are specified, the following relations are deduced to determine the relative dimensions (p,q,r,u) of the crank-rocker module:
A precision crank angle (CA) encoder was coupled with the crankshaft of the engine.
1 the variation in the cylinder pressure with crank angle for B20 A12 blends at maximum engine load was shown.