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Mushroom picking is prohibited at Oregon's Crater Lake National Park, yet fungi files seem undaunted there and at Olympic Park.
In and close to Crater Lake National Park, firefighters have gained ground on a pair of large lightning-caused wildfires.
Though the music is celebratory, Johnson's diverse group of composers created a range of work: One wrote about Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park. One considered human encroachment on animal territory.
is Crater Lake, in Crater Lake National Park (at 1,932 feet deep, it is 156 feet deeper than One World Trade Center, America's tallest building, is tall).
Most trips to Oregon's Crater Lake National Park go something like this: Park at lookout point, peer into crater, exclaim, depart.
Kate Brown on Saturday authorized about 125 Oregon National Guard members to be activated Monday to help with wildfires burning near Crater Lake National Park.
Individually, they are Crater Lake National Park, Redwood National and State Parks, and Oregon Caves National Monument.
Try it here Crater Lake National Park ( is a snowshoer's paradise.
eastern edge of Crater Lake National Park. where stalwart ponderosas grow brazenly out of the pumice less than five miles to the northeast and 1,000 feet below the shore of Crater Lake.
The Whitewater Fire near Mount Jefferson also continues to spread, while some recent rain in the area helped to slow the expansion of wildfires burning in and near Crater Lake National Park.