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CYOFCreate Your Own Future (self help book)
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As a Capricorn, you prefer to create your own future. Yet, deep down, you understand the role destiny takes in each individual's life, including yours.
But like these important individual decisions, independence brings opportunities - the chance to grow and create your own future.
You can also design Doha in the future, and create your own future city in a box.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President and Prime Minster and Ruler of Dubai, you have to create your own future and not wait for it, thus we strived for a new website which will contribute to the growth of the business community in Dubai while making the emirate one of the most competitive business destinations in the world, said Buamim.
You've got to move with history to create your own future.
Not only are there multitudinous quotes from the professor himself--"In the longer term, unless you have thought ahead to create your own future, any organization which continues to do what brought it success in the past will eventually fail.
"You can either create your own future, or you can become the victim of a future that someone else creates for you.
--Excerpted from Create Your Own Future by Brian Tracy, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
To this end, his grandfather's famous phrase and the family motto seems apt for all South Africans: "Create your own future."