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CREBBPCREB-Binding Protein
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Ishii, "Increased affinity of c-Myb for CREB-binding protein (CBP) after CBP-induced acetylation," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
The study could have significant clinical implications, as it represents the first solid evidence that CREB-binding protein and p300 can be targeted by drugs.
CREB-mediated transcription interacts with coactivator CREB-binding protein [31, 32].
A mouse model of RTS was created by a C-terminal truncation mutation into the CREB-binding protein (CBP) gene, which is considered to act as a dominant-negative inhibitor to lead to RTS phenotypes in mice.
For example, Pandey and colleagues (2008) showed that acute ethanol increased H3K9 and H4K8 acetylation in rats, whereas anxiety-like behaviors during withdrawal after chronic alcohol exposure were associated with decreases in these acetylation marks, decreased expression of several proteins (e.g., CREB-binding protein [CBP] and neuropeptide Y [NPY]), and increased HDAC activity.
This DDT-mediated increase in HRE activity was augmented by the coactivator CBP (CREB-binding protein) and was dependent on the p38 pathway.
They said raising levels of CREB-binding protein (CBP)--a protein needed to create long-term memories--improved memory in mice bred to develop Alzheimer's, a fatal brain-wasting disease that affects memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to handle daily activities.