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CCDBCell Centered Database
CCDBColorado Criminal Defense Bar
CCDBConsolidated Counterdrug Database
CCDBCredit Card Database (website)
CCDBCrop Composition Database (International Life Sciences Institute)
CCDBCampbelltown Camden District Band (NSW, Australia)
CCDBCurrent Carrier Database (insurance)
CCDBCommon Cryptologic Database
CCDBCommon Case Database
CCDBControl of Cell Death B (gene)
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said earlier that the central bank has deemed it necessary to require submission of the CCBAR in order to enhance BSP's credit card database of both credit card issuers/acquirers and cardholders.
It was originally feared that millions of credit card numbers had also been leaked, but Sony later said it was unable to find any evidence that the credit card database was accessed.
PSN credit card database reportedly being auctioned on underground forums
There is no evidence that SOE's main credit card database was compromised, Sony said.
Looking to sell the information, which also includes customer names, passwords, and addresses, the hackers have priced the credit card database at $100,000 for 2.
Further, thieves can copy an individual's credit card number during or after a financial transaction or they can steal a credit card database.
Michael Gould, Bloomingdale's chairman and chief executive, acknowledged that Bloomingdale's is putting more emphasis on improving the marketing efforts to its best customers, through using both its own credit card database and other sources of shopper identification for those Bloomingdale's shoppers who use other credit cards.
The service has recently been implemented by Royal Bank of Canada, which uses the service to administer its points-earning premium Visa credit card databases.
Hackett said since at least 2002, he has been trafficking in credit card information obtained either by hacking into business computer networks and downloading credit card databases, or purchasing the information from others via the Internet through various "carding forums.