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After several unreturned phone calls and emails to the credit reporting company attempting to confirm or deny the fact that their data was being sold to the credit reporting providers benefit and at their competitive disadvantage, the VP directed his company to stop sending their A/R data to the credit reporting company.
Experian does have one last line of defense against unauthorized access to a person's credit account: the credit reporting company asks the submitter to answer four "knowledge-based authentication" questions designed to provide the identity of the submitter.
Al Etihad Credit Bureau, the UAE's credit reporting company, has launched the commercial bureau reporting service, which will provide full and up to date credit information on commercial organisations in the country.
We feel confident that our customers are a little more motivated to pay within terms now that the receivable is forwarded to a credit reporting company.
This kind of arrangement requires the LOS company and credit reporting company to work closely together to build this seamless EDI integration.
com/equifax-hacked-credit-reporting-company-breached-could-affect-143-million-americans-2587521) data breach suffered by credit reporting company Equifax that resulted in the personal information of as many as 143 million consumers being exposed.
Having been incorporated in 1919 as a for-profit subsidiary intended to serve as NACM's international credit reporting company, FCIB has updated its structure to match its expanding global association mission to serve international credit and trade finance professionals.
By the way, am I the only one that finds it interesting that the largest credit reporting company does not have one credit professional on its board of directors?