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CFTSClosed for the Season (film)
CFTSContinuous Full Time Service (Austalia)
CFTSCentral Federation of Traditional Shotokan (martial arts)
CFTSContracted Flying Training and Support
CFTSConsolidated Fork Truck Services (UK)
CFTSCertified Fitter-Therapeutic Shoes (health care)
CFTSCongregational Foundation for Theological Studies (National Association of Congregational Christian Churches)
CFTSCredit for Time Served
CFTSCell-Free Translation System (biochemistry)
CFTSCertified Functional Training Specialist
CFTSContracting File Transfer Support
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He faces three to 15 years in prison but could get credit for time served because he has been behind bars for nearly three years.
The law does not provide credit for time served on or before that date.
With credit for time served at Guantanamo Bay, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the onetime driver for Osama bin Laden who was convicted last week of material support for terrorism, could be a free man in January.
Hamdan will be eligible for release in six months after the military judge, Navy Captain Keith Allred, earlier ruled he should receive five years of credit for time served at Guantanamo Bay
The judges said Bashir, who has been in jail since last April, would get credit for time served and could be out before the end of 2006.
A prisoner convicted for attempted extortion petitioned for habeas corpus relief, challenging the denial of sentence credit for time served in a Mexican jail while awaiting extradition to the United States.
Michael O'Grady, 41, of Cincinnati received a 90-day sentence with credit for time served for the two months he spent in jail before posting bond.
He also recived two days in jail but got credit for time served.
Officials said he received credit for time served in prison before his conviction.
Price received 120 days' credit for time served, while the balance was suspended.
The committee also argued that the series did not take into account pre-sentencing jail time and "credit for time served."
That excruciating exercise in futility was avoided by a deal under which the state accepted Walker's plea of no-contest to a reduced charge of manslaughter and in return set him free with credit for time served. Reversing T.S.
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