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CNPeoples' Republic of China (Top Level Domain abbreviation)
CNCartoon Network
CNCanadian National Railway
CNCommon Name
CNConnect (ITU-T)
CNCore Network
CNCyber Nations (web forum)
CNChange Notice
CNCommunications Network
CNCopper Nickel (product feature)
CNCognitive Neuroscience
CNCase Number
CNChuck Norris
CNCanonical Name (computer domain name resolution)
CNCertified Nurse
CNComplete Nutrition
CNCombined Nomenclature
CNCranial Nerve
CNCompany Number
CNComfortably Numb
CNChannel Number
CNComfort Noise (telephony)
CNCommand Network
CNCoordination Number (mathematics)
CNCellular Network
CNCarbon Nanotube
CNChina Netcom (est. 1999)
CNCorporate Network
CNConselho Nacional (Portuguese: National Council; East Timor party)
CNConvergence Numérique (French: Digital Convergence)
CNCuneo, Piemonte (Italian province)
CNCinéma Numérique (French: Digital Cinema)
CNCondensation Nucleus
CNConvergencia Nacional (Venezuelan Party)
CNCalifornia Northern (railroad)
CNCausal Nexus (gaming clan)
CNCustomer Network
CNCredit Note
CNCommunity Networking
CNContract Negotiation(s)
CNCaudate Nucleus (neuroanatomy)
CNColor Negative (film)
CNCellulose Nitrate
CNControl Node
CNCorrespondent Node
CNChaotic Neutral (gaming)
CNCounternarcotic (US DoD)
CNClinical Nutritionist
CNCentral Node
CNClient Node
CNCluster Number
CNCiment Naturel (French: Natural Cement)
CNCongenital Nystagmus
CNConstruction Number
CNCongressional Notification
CNChief of Navy (Australia, New Zealand)
CNCompass North
CNCalculation Note
CNCavan, Ireland
CNConstruction Notice
CNConstructionman (US Navy rating)
CNCinema Nation
CNConsignes de Navigabilite (French aviation authority)
CNClueless Newbie
CNCherokee Nations
CNCure Notice (Carrie Underwood fan site)
CNCiudad de Nápoles (Guatemala hospital)
CNCreatioNation (convergent media company promoting the arts and altruism)
CNColoracion Normal (Spanish: Normally Colored)
CNCooperativa Jesús Nazareno Ltda. (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
CNCarpal Narrowing
CNCasnicki Namjesnik (Croatian: Warrant Officer)
CNCras Noc'te (Tomorrow Night)
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For example, where a supplier makes an adjustment and issues a credit note, the recipient will be assessed if the amount was not added in determining its net tax (i.e., assuming that an input tax credit had been claimed for the original amount).
Boarding the bus at 7.45am, Harriet was handed credit note, by a driver who she claims told her she could change it at a bus station machine.
Under the Second Amendment, the company said it has extended the revolving credit note's maturity date to 1 February 2017.
The boutique's owner Ged Mortimore defended the shop's refund policy and said it "bent over backwards" to offer Val a PS300 credit note.
"We were sorry for her situation so due to her bereavement we bent over backwards to give her a credit note, which we would not normally do."
WhAt YOU Need tO RetURN A gIft Depending on a retailer's returns policy some will only exchange or give you a credit note, while others will give you a refund.
"In its simplest form, a credit note is something that you would perhaps get from a storekeeper as a substitute for a particular service or goods, one can use the credit note as value to exchange for something else," said Richard Paul at Cluttons' local office.
Many stores offer goodwill policies and allow the exchange of goods for other items or credit notes, although this is not a legal obligation if there is nothing wrong with the goods.
Do not accept a credit note - fight for your money back or you could end up out of pocket.
Mr Townsend held on to the letter from Yelland's Chalet Hotels which included a 10-shilling credit note and was able to enjoy the holiday more than seven decades later when the current owner Bourne Holidays honoured the note.
Two international rating organizations upgrading Turkey's credit note said Turkish economy does not need IMF or any other foreign support.
Check whether the shop has a goodwill policy - where the retailer will give you a refund, credit note or exchange goods within a set period, even if they are not faulty.