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CRVComputer and Robot Vision (conference)
CRVCarlinville (Amtrak station code; Carlinville, IL)
CRVCybernetic Revolution (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
CRVCalifornia Redemption Value
CRVCrystal Report Viewer (software)
CRVCrew Return Vehicle (NASA)
CRVCoding Rule Violation
CRVCall Reference Value
CRVCentral Rift Valley (Ethiopia)
CRVContinuous Random Variable (mathematics)
CRVControlled Remote Viewing
CRVCassa Di Risparmio Di Vignola (Italian bank)
CRVCustomer Referral Value (marketing)
CRVCall Reference Value (telecommunications)
CRVCurrent Replacement Value
CRVCentral Retinal Vein
CRVComponent Replacement Value
CRVChurch Related Vocation (various organizations)
CRVComité Roannais de Vacances (French leisure center; Roane, France)
CRVComfortable Runabout Vehicle
CRVContact Resistance Variation
CRVCompact Recreational Vehicle
CRVCoastal Research Vessel
CRVConstrained Random Verification
CRVChœur Régional de la Vézère (French: Regional Choir of the Vezere)
CRVCorellian Corvette (Star Wars)
CRVCentre Relais Vidéo (French: Video Relay Center; deaf communication)
CRVCamera Ready Version
CRVCerebroretinal Vasculopathy
CRVCritical Response Vehicle (New York City Police Department)
CRVCertified Receipt Voucher
CRVCoordination de la Recherche Volcanologique (France)
CRVCoastguard Response Vehicle
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Because of cost overruns on the station, projected at nearly $5 billion over the next four years, the Bush administration has forced NASA to cut two critical components, the lifesaving crew return vehicle and the habitation module.
Among the highlights of the appropriation, NASA will put $275 million into developing a crew return vehicle for the International Space Station.
The crew return vehicle could be used in an emergency, and other vehicles could be used for noncrew-related operations.
A more advanced version will make a descent from space in 2000 and an operational Crew Return Vehicle - capable of holding six people - should be ready by 2003.
are using LabVIEW from National Instruments, Austin, Texas (512-794-0100), for development use on the X-38 Crew Return Vehicle.
After that, there may be the need for additional shuttle orbiters, a crew return vehicle, and the shuttle-C cargo-only carrier, said Williamson.
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