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Today, historians of these regions are investigating the Crimean War as a transformative event.
The prime villain of the book, David Urquhart, was the most rabid of the British Russophobes; as Figes acknowledges, "no writer did more to prepare the British public for the Crimean War.
Of all the Victoria Crosses awarded for the Crimean War, only 22 of them such as Knox's were for two or more actions.
The monument in Devnya seems perplexing from another point of view as well a it fails to mention the French casualties that shared the fate of the British soldiers in the Crimean War near Varna.
The Museum is independent and has over 2,000 artefacts owned by and associated with Florence Nightingale, the Crimean War, nursing and Florence Nightingale's legacy.
The Crimean War was a triumph for maritime power over a continental empire, but victory owed much to the limited character of AngloFrench goals and to Russian isolation.
Litvinenko said the Crimean war film should be an international effort and that co-production funds would be sought from the Russian Defense Ministry and other countries involved in the historic conflict.
There is hardly an account of the Crimean War that doesn't mention Fanny Duberly, a British Army officer's wife and perhaps the only one to have accompanied her husband to the theatre of the most devastating conflict of the 19th century.
Fish situates Seacole within a tradition of travel writing and the history of Western mercantilist endeavors in the geographical contact zones of the Central and South American Gold Rush frontier and the Crimean War in the 1840s-50s.
They were used as a military hospital during the Crimean War and the rooms which Florence Nightingale occupied house a small museum.
Jack, the son of a Crimean War hero, lives in the Northwest Territories.