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Administrators of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme can dock payments if a claimant has past convictions, fails to co-operate with police or unduly delays reporting the offence.
People who suffer as a result of violent crimes that take place in England, Wales or Scotland can be awarded taxpayer-funded payments of up to PS500,000 through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
He said: "The criminal injuries compensation scheme started in 1964 and until 1979 there was a rule that if you were assaulted by a person who lived in the same household you couldn't claim any compensation.
Compensation can be more realistic than in the past, when victims relied on the government-run Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme which has been criticised for failing to offer sufficient support to victims of terrorism, according to Fieldfisher.
Ian Austin, Labour MP for Dudley North, called on the government to review its Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
If not, will he amend the criminal injuries compensation scheme to ensure justice?" Justice Minister Phillip Lee promised to look into the case once Ms Onwurah provided full details privately.
Mrs Kowalski, 51, says police failed to take statements from witnesses, and has left the family struggling to claim compensation through the criminal injuries compensation scheme.
The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme provides money to those seriously injured as a result of being a direct victim of violent crime.
Changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme will deprive large numbers of people of any compensation for injuries at work--particularly arising from violence--which will be of particular concern to health visitors and other health professionals.
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