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CJCCanadian Jewish Congress (Congrès Juif Canadien)
CJCCanadian Journal of Chemistry (est. 1929)
CJCCanberra Japan Club (est. 1997)
CJCCanadian Journal of Communication
CJCCentral Johannesburg College (South Africa)
CJCConsole Jabber Client
CJCCriminal Justice Commission (Queensland, Australia)
CJCCanadian Judicial Council
CJCCriminal Justice Center
CJCCommission on Judicial Conduct
CJCChicago Jobs Council
CJCCommunity Justice Center (various locations)
CJCConfédération des Jeunes Chercheurs (French: Confederation of Young Researchers)
CJCCamberley Judo Club (martial arts; UK)
CJCCrime and Justice Commission (Trinidad and Tobago)
CJCCollectif Jeune Cinéma (French film association)
CJCCatholic Junior College (Singapore)
CJCCowboy Joe Club (University of Wyoming)
CJCChief Justice of Canada
CJCClinton Junior College (South Carolina)
CJCColegio Jacques Cousteau (school)
CJCCal Japan Club (University of California, Berkeley)
CJCCoalition for Jubilee Clemency
CJCCodex Juris Canonici (Latin: Codex of the Canon Law)
CJCCold Junction Compensator (used with thermocouples)
CJCContact Juggling Convention
CJCCertified Junior Culinarian (American Culinary Federation)
CJCCanadian Joint Council
CJCColchester Judo Club (martial arts; UK)
CJCCollege of Journalism and Communication
CJCCommonwealth Judo Championship (martial arts)
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More than one-third of Arizona laws involving a felony penalty havent been used in the past 15 years, a new report from the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission found.
Earlier this year, the Walker-Mallott administration proposed fixes to Senate Bill 91, the 2016 bill that addressed criminal justice reform, to the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission.
An Oregon Criminal Justice Commission report released this month says reducing the number of incoming prisoners by 25 men and six women per month statewide could rule out the expansion.
A new law directs the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to draw up a racial and ethnic impact statement for proposed legislation if a member of both major parties requests it.
Anderson is also a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, certified armorer for Glock and Mossberg, Glock firearms instructor and certified firearms instructor for the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission.
Jim Webb and Rep, Bill Delahunt, the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2010 has 39 co-sponsors in the Senate and four in the House.
Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009, was offered by Senator Jim Webb to mandate a commission to conduct an 18-month comprehensive top-to-bottom study of the United States criminal justice system.
Recently, Judge Alvarez invited her to speak at the Juvenile Assessment Center, and Lloyd Comiter, a Boca Raton attorney, and his 13-year-old son were in the audience, participating in the Citizen's Criminal Justice Academy sponsored by the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission.
Justice Liberhan's recommendations are futuristic and academic in nature -- they refer to the desirability of enacting a legislation to prevent communal riots, establishing a criminal justice commission, constituting an assembly to look into the working of the Constitution.
has been coalescing support for the National Criminal Justice Commission Act (S.
7) comments on the process of monitoring attempts to improve police integrity, based upon the evaluations undertaken by the Criminal Justice Commission in Queensland (where he was research director for many years).
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