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CRISCOCentre de Recherches Inter-Langues sur la Signification en Contexte (French: Research Center on Inter-Language Meaning in Context)
CRISCOCrystallized Cottonseed Oil
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The report further predicts the size and valuation of the global market during the forecast period.Some of the key players profiled in the study are Crisco (United States), Bunge Limited (United States), The Archer Daniels Midland (United States), Cargill (United States), Olenex (Switzerland), Zeelandia (India), The J.M.
I remember our grocery store had a day when you could buy a can of Crisco without a ration token if you brought in a can of saved grease.
Artificial Trans Fat became a pariah, shunned even by the makers of Oreos and Crisco.
The Crisco Kidd Block Partycame to Hot 93.3 following Carmona's previous stints on the air in California's Central Coast, and at stations in Albuquerque and KRTX-FM 100.7 in Houston.
Stepping up to 40 grains of the same powder with Crisco as a lube results in 1,055 fps and a slightly tighter group of 1 1/8".
A can of Crisco seems to wink at us, illuminated by a fortuitous ray of light, near the edge of the stage.
In a bright office located near New York's Penn Station, LittleThings, with its 100 employees, creates instructional or emotionally resonant editorial posts and video series that connect with brand sponsors like Crisco, Applegate Farm and eBay.
Four clear plastic bags, large enough to cover your hand a bucket of cold water with ice cubes in it small can of vegetable shortening (such as Crisco) a watch with a second hand or a stopwatch
With 50 grains of Goex FFFg and Crisco placed over the seated ball to fill out the cylinder, muzzle velocity is right at 990 fps, with five shots grouping into 1-1/4-inch at 50 feet.
That's exactly what Nancy Tanner Crisco and Janis Burgess did 11 years ago after both women lost their jobs within days of each other.
There was akgutq (Eskimo ice cream made from Crisco and tundra berries,) a huge vat of moose stew, dried salmon, corn dishes, plenty of breads, and the obligatory green bean casseroles.
Two years later, P&G introduced Crisco shortening - and the American table for the 20th century was set.