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C*Critical Concentration (concentration at which intermolecular interaction occurs)
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Third, we performed range-finding studies to narrow our estimate of the Abamectin critical concentration to that at which a stable 50:50 Affected:Unaffected proportion was observed.
* The Multiple Source Leakage Reduced-order model (MSLR) rapidly predicts the probability that the concentration in an atmospheric plume of CO2 will exceed a defined critical concentration, given known leakage rates from one or more sources.
During this way of washing is filter cake removed from filter apparatus and mixed with such amount of washing liquid to get lower then critical concentration of washing substance.
The ion trapping regime is observed if [v.sub.NP] < [v.sup.C.sub.NP] ([n.sub.0] > [n.sub.C]), the ion generation regime is reached if [v.sub.NP] > [v.sup.C.sub.NP] ([n.sub.0] < [n.sub.C]), and no change regime is achieved if [v.sub.NP] = [v.sup.C.sub.NP] ([n.sub.0] = [n.sub.C]), where [v.sup.C.sub.NP] is the critical contamination factor of nanoparticles defined as [v.sup.C.sub.NP] = [n.sub.0][K.sub.NP]/(1 + [n.sub.0][K.sub.NP]) and [n.sub.C] is the critical concentration of ions written as [n.sub.C] = [v.sub.NP]/[K.sub.NP](1 - [v.sub.NP]) and [K.sub.NP] = [K.sub.NP.sub.a]/[K.sub.NP.sub.d] (Figure 1) [57].
Like the previous system here PCS2 is the critical concentration at which the system has attained maximum value of thermal conductivity.
Experimentally determined the highest possible content of lime in a solution of calcium nitrate and the possibility of increasing the critical concentration of calcium oxide CaO for thickening of slurry.
The DIFC represents a critical concentration of banking, finance, wealth management, insurance, reinsurance and ancillary service firms.
The relative critical concentration for [Cd.sup.2+] and the dichloromethane are 0.01 and 0.001, respectively.
According to Blasse [41], for the critical concentration the average shortest distance between nearest activator ions is equal to the critical transfer distance [R.sub.0].
When the parent probability distribution of air pollutants is correctly chosen, the specific distribution can be used to predict the mean concentration and probability of exceeding a critical concentration [5, 8].
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