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CQACertified Quality Auditor
CQAConsistent Query Answering (databases)
CQAConseil Québécois d'Agrément (French: Quebec Council of Accreditation; Quebec, Canada)
CQACommon Questions and Answers
CQAConstruction Quality Assurance
CQAClinical Quality Assurance
CQACorporate Quality Assurance (various companies)
CQACentre de Qualification Agricole (French: Center for Agricultural Qualification; Morocco)
CQACertified Quality Analyst
CQAContract Quality Assurance
CQAQuality Auditor Certification
CQAChicago Quantitative Alliance
CQACustomer Quality Assurance
CQACritical Quality Attribute
CQAContemporary QuiltArt Association
CQAComité de Quartier Athena (French: Athena Area Committee; Athena, France)
CQACognac Quad Aventure (French all-terrain vehicle club)
CQACommon Quarterly Assessment (education)
CQACommandant's Quality Award (USCG)
CQACertified QuickBooks Advisor
CQACentral Quality Assurance
CQACongressional Quarterly Almanac
CQACommunication & Questions d'Affaires (French: Communication & Business Issues; Switzerland)
CQACustomer Quality Action
CQAChuckle Quite Audibly
CQACoding Quality Analyst (medicine)
CQACenter For Quality Education
CQACanadian Quilters' Associatio
CQAClose Quarters Assault (online gaming)
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Experimental design can readily establish proven acceptable ranges for critical process inputs like agitator bar tip speed, vessel tip speed and agitator bar design as these inputs relate to critical quality attributes like blend uniformity and particle size.
The future of cell therapy development involves having quantitative and reproducible standards that enable the determination and management of critical quality attributes for cells and colonies, in order to provide optimal safety and efficacy.
Critical quality attributes (CQAs), determined with the patient in mind, have been built into the development process to help ensure quality, safety and efficacy throughout a drug product's lifecycle.
The combination approach using DFSS and SERVQUAL (see Figure 2) was applied to define the critical quality attributes of telemedicine service management and to match them with the current telemedicine process.
The optional inline measurement of Critical Quality Attributes fed back to the control system will allow for continuous "real-time" quality assurance according to GAMP5.
This is a process which links what is known about the molecule, both in terms of its structure and its activity, creating the TPP, which leads to the definition of the product's critical quality attributes (CQAs).
- Develop CS for delivery device during design transfers to identify critical quality attributes (CQAs) for device constituent parts
These are referred to as Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and are typically the attributes that would be monitored during process development, manufacturing, and ultimately in a Quality Control (QC) setting.
Supporting instruments from all major vendors, Genedata Expressionist reduces data analysis times by factors of ten or more to accelerate the identification and quantification of critical quality attributes of biopharmaceuticals.
This helps organizations better understand and describe the variables affecting the critical quality attributes of a product and, ultimately, optimize processes to achieve product and organizational goals more quickly and efficiently--the essence of QbD.
Central to the QbD approach is the identification of Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs).
This will involve the critical quality attributes of a freeze-dried product, product temprature, the lyo cycle design space to establish process boundaries.